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BIG PLAY = BIG ROITogether we playPlay is how we do businessPlay is the whole the luxor las vegas
BIG PLAY = BIG ROITogether we playPlay is how we do businessPlay is the whole the luxor las vegas

Corporate retreat? Try corporate recess. Bring your next team-building event to Play Playground – because we believe in the power of play to bring people together. 

Forget about trust falls and boring icebreakers. Our 15,000 square foot adult playground is designed to bring out the kid in everyone. Our immersive games and playful drinks are guaranteed to get your team laughing, bonding, and working together like never before.

Give your employees a break from the daily grind and schedule an epic Playground adventure they’ll be talking about for weeks. A team that plays together, stays together. With the ability to form teams, rack up points, and even hold trophy ceremonies, your employees will be motivated to give it their all.

Square Feet

Your inner child’s been waving their hand with the right answer for decades. It’s your turn to play. Birthday party? Engagement party? Holiday party? Whatever party you want to throw, we’re here to Play the part. 

How about a good time with a view? The Mezzanine offers a private event space with a birdseye view from the 2nd floor–providing the perfect vantage point of the excitement below.

This homebase features four VIP pods that can be rented individually for smaller events–or take it all for yourself and your group & have the ultimate party overlooking the action! 

Let the good times roll.

Square Feet

Corporate retreat? Try corporate recess. Discover the ROI on PTO (Played Time Off). It’s fun that counts as professional development. 

The Gymnasium accommodates up to 100 guests.

Add a coach–basically your personal Play DJ–and customize your own game experience with games like Musical Chairs, Red Light Green Light or Simon Says. The classics will have you feeling all the nostalgia. Play by your own rules.

Square Feet


Hangry Players? Not on our watch. No matter how large or small your group, our team will keep your bellies full and your spirits high. We've got a lineup of tasty treats and savory eats that'll make your mouth water and your heart skip a beat. Dig into some bar bites and get back to the Playground energized and ready to play.


Want to create a more personalized game experience? Our Expert Game Coaches are for hire. Build out teams for some friendly competition and reward the winners! Let our game coaches walk you through each game and cheer you on. Take the planning out of the fun, so you can have more!


Make your mark on the Playground! Put your brand's stamp on the fun with customized touches that'll make your event unforgettable. From personalized poker chips to branded scoreboard shout-outs to adding DJs, we've got all the ways to make your event PLAY. Let's collab and create an experience that screams "THIS IS OUR TURF!"